10 years with you

“Həyata bağlan” – Always with you! 


“Həyata bağlan” – is a type of insurance product which is always with you for overcoming financial and mental difficulties while facing with critical illnesses.


You will get insurance payment in case of diagnosing the following diseases:

• Cancer

• Stoke

• Cardiac infarction

• Renal failure

• Paralysis

• Aorta coronary by-pass surgery 


You can get 30,000 AZN guarantee by paying just 144 AZN yearly if you are 30. In addition, you get the chance of partial payment. Is it much?  

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  • Why should I buy “Həyata Bağlan”?
    • • For getting the best treatment in case of critic illnesses 
      • Let your family not face with financial difficulties for your costly treatment 
      • Not to spend your money for illness which you have collected with great efforts over the years for your family`s future
  • What is the price of this product?
    • You can get 30,000 AZN guarantee by paying just 144 AZN yearly if you are 30.

      In addition, there are opportunities to pay the amount in installments.

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30.000 AZN guarantee by
paying 20 AZN?

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